Using the platform

Manage profile

You can manage your profile at any moment and edit the details you need:

  • Names

  • Contact details

  • Legal status (company details)

Manage credit cards

You can manage your credit cards at any moment and also:

  • Review list of existing credit cards

  • Add new credit card as payment method

Manage subscriptions

Review subscriptions by:

  • Name

  • Status

  • ID

  • Creation date

  • next payment and

A single subscription page options

You can easily manage a subscription.

Review a subscription:

  • View status, start, next payment, and next billing cycle

  • Cancel, Suspend active subscription;

  • Reactivate suspended subscription;

  • Resubscribe to an expired or canceled subscription;

  • Change payment method – switch card

  • Switch subscriptions (if allowed by the merchant): on each line of a subscription plan list you can Upgrade or Downgrade it.

Add new subscription

Add new subscriptions to your list and manage them.

How to add a new subscription?

  • Select plan from the merchant listed

  • Choose the payment method

  • Select a start date type

    • Immediately

    • Set a custom start date


Review list of invoices .

  • Filter invoices by:

    • Status

    • Create date

    • Payment due date

    • Refund

    • Total amount

Review invoice

  • Invoice ID, number, date, and type

  • A detailed description of the subscription invoice

  • Print option