Users and Permissions

Account and users

PayGate Subscriptions has a flexible user structure allowing you to have multiple users in your organization or even multiple organizations, if you are serving such.

Here’s a bit more detailed description of the above:

  • Account

    • Has multiple Account users

      • Each Account user can operate on behalf of any of the Merchants belonging to the Account

  • Merchant

    • Can exist individually or belongs to an Account

    • Has multiple Merchant users

      • Each Merchant user operates on behalf of his company (Merchant)

  • Partner

    • Belongs to one Account

    • Always belongs to one or more Merchant’s that belong to the same Account

    • Has multiple Teams

    • Has multiple Partner users always belonging to one or more Teams

      • Each Partner user operates on behalf of one of the Merchants that the Partner belongs to

See the following schema for a more visual illustration of the above:

User permissions

On top of the flexible account-user structure, we also support a flexible permissions system that allows for each user to be given a different set of permissions as to what he can do inside PayGate Subscriptions.

Here’s a list of all the permissions currently existing, while we keep expanding this list as we add more features to application:

  • Team manager

    • Create team

    • Edit team

    • Delete team

    • Give the team access to one or more Clients only

  • User manager

    • Create user

    • Reset/create user password

    • Assign rights

    • Delete user

    • Edit user name/email

    • Change user type – Account, Client, Partner

    • Assign user to one Account or Client or Partner depending on his type

    • Assign a Partner user to a Team in that Partner

    • View list of all users in your Account/Client/Partner setup

  • Report manager

    • Download payment report

    • Download agreement report

    • Subscriber manager

    • View all subscribers

    • View list of Agreements on subscriber

    • View list of Transactions on subscriber

  • Agreements manager

    • View a list of agreements

    • Open agreement details page

    • Create an agreement

    • Cancel agreement

    • View a list of cancelled agreements

    • View a list of accepted agreements

    • View a list of expired agreements

    • View a list of error agreements

    • View a list of new agreements

    • View a list of rejected agreements

    • View a list of created agreements

    • View a list of pending agreements