Explanation of terms

Reports in PayGate

The platform gives you the possibility to generate reports with various, detailed data based on the chosen criteria. The most common reports are based on:

  • Agreements - List of all your agreements like recurring agreements (recurring donations) and one-off payments (single donations). In the overview in the selected time period, you will see all agreements created in that period. Note that one person can have more than one agreement.

  • Transactions - List of transactions received by MobilePay from your subscribers and a list of payout transactions made from MobilePay to your bank account - this report is useful for reconciliation purposes

  • Payments - List of all your payments that are received through PayGate. That includes both recurring (f.x from MobilePay Subscriptions) and one-off payments (f.x. Credit card).

  • SMS - List of SMSes that PayGate has sent to your subscribers.

  • Collect - Various statistics from the PayGate Collect add-on.

To access the reports, simply select the needed type of the report and the time frame for data. Then select to either download the report in CSV or excel format.

Agreements report

This type of report contains all agreements with all statuses.

Here is the meaning behind each of the status

  • Accepted - the agreement was accepted by the donor

  • Executed - the agreement was executed so the payment was withdrawn

  • Canceled - the agreement was canceled by the donor

  • Pending - the agreement is waiting to be accepted by the donor

  • Rejected - the agreement was rejected by the donor

Sometimes on the report you might see that the agreement was both Accepted and Canceled. That most likely means that the donor accepted the agreement but later went and canceled it. There might be also a situation where the agreement was never accepted but was canceled.

Payments report

The report includes all the payments in all payment methods that are used by your organization. Therefore, it can be treated like a full list of incoming payments.

The meaning behind each of the statuses:

  • Executed - it means that the payment is done and the money was withdrawn

  • Scheduled - it means that the payment is successfully transferred to the payment provider to be executed on the due date

  • Created - it is a rather rare case when the payment that needs to be executed is created in PayGate but was not yet transferred to the payment provider

Transactions report

This report is only for MobilePay Subscription donations.

Explanation of the statuses:

  • Payment - this means that the donor paid 10€ and it reached MobilePay's account.

  • Transfer - this is when MobilePay transfers those 10€ to your bank account