Save Desk

What is SaveDesk?

The SaveDesk add-on gives your subscribers an alternative option to decrease the amount before they cancel their subscription. Your subscribers will no longer have to call and send emails to manage their agreement.

Onboarding to SaveDesk

If you want to start using it, contact us at and state your wish of having a SaveDesk.

It is an external tool, therefore you do not need to have PayGate in order to use it as it can be integrated with any other provider.

Customization possibilities

As your subscriber will land on the custom-developed landing page, there are options for customizing it according to your needs. You can choose the images, colours and text that will be displayed on the page, as usually it is the last chance the retain this subscriber.

Use cases

As the solution is custom developed, we can put any content on your end landing page, here are some ideas:

  • Postpone the next payment to a future date (fixed options or subscriber can pick himself)

  • Change the frequency of payment to a less frequent one – fx. from monthly to half-yearly

  • List other ways that the subscriber can help you and provide links to your website where he can read more if he decides to cancel the agreement

  • Ask the subscriber to fill in the reason for the cancellation so that you know how you can improve in the future

The flow of downgrading an amount