Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

It is built as standalone pages on your website, where you can gather one-time or recurring donations through various payment methods. Using the unique shareable link you can send your donors straight to the landing page through social media, email campaigns, SMS, online advertisements, and more!

How to start using a Landing Page?

Get started on your own landing page today with PayGate, as onboarding can be done within a day.

You need to contact us at with an interest in setting up a landing page. Furthermore, we will ask you about design setups like main image, text, colors, and iFrame details. Then we will build the Landing Page according to your requirements.

The flow of payments

You can normally accept payments through the landing page as it behaves like a big donation frame. All the payments land in PayGate, so you can have an overview of how it actually performed.

Core functions

  • Reach more donors through different channels

  • A fully customizable solution makes each landing page tailored to fit your organization’s unique brand and style.

  • A unique shareable link to your donation form saves donors time when looking for ways to give to your organization

  • A high conversion rate, as landing pages are an effective tool in converting leads to donations