PayGate Onboarding Guide

The standard setup of the account

Every new merchant in PayGate gets the standard setup, which includes:

  • Account setup

  • First user(s) setup

  • Supporting the merchant in authorizing MobilePay in PayGate Access to API

  • Access to webhooks

  • Standard iframe – this is just the standard setup (compared to any customized solution that might be charged separately). The standard iframe means:

    • No custom data fields – i.e. using only the ones existing in PayGate

    • No complex business logics – fx. choosing option in a dropdown would trigger different fields to show/hide and/or accept some predefined value

    • No possibility to use URL parameters for prefilling fields

    • Standard fields from PayGate

    • Standard validation

    • No custom design, but still inputs/fonts/colours will be styled as per the same in the website where the iframe will be placed

Creating an account and first user setup

  1. Sign an agreement with MobilePay and enable the MobilePay Subscriptions product

  2. Provide us with the following information on, so that we can create your account and users:

As we create your account and the users for it, each user will receive an email to set their password.

Log in and authorize MobilePay

  1. Log in with your email and password at

  2. Click on the MobilePay button in order to authorize PayGate Subscriptions in front of MobilePay

  • You will be redirected to MobilePay

  • You have to login to MobilePay

  • You have to confirm the authorization of PayGate Subscriptions

  1. You will be redirected back to where you can start creating agreements through our interface.

Global customization

We can customize multiple things for you that apply globally to your account. So if you want any of these changed, please let us know at


PayGate Subscriptions offers the possibility to create agreements through publicly available iframes, which you can embed on your own website.

Please check the iframe description and guide on what is required to get started with it.

Integration with external systems (fx. CRM)

Your PayGate account comes with access to our REST API and also Webhooks.

You can use these to integrate with your systems in various ways. Fx. use the API to create agreements from your system directly or use the webhooks so that your system can get notified when data changes on your agreements/payments.

Such an integration, of course, would require some custom development, but if you don’t have the resources, we can make you an offer.

Configurable options on your account

The following things can be optionally configured for your account.

Contact us at in case you want the default values changed.