What are the options for frequency?

In the PayGate Subscriptions interface the options are:

  • Every day

  • Every week

  • Every 2 weeks

  • Every month

  • Every 3 months

  • Every 6 months

  • Every year

In the API, webhooks and Excel/CSV exports, the above are presented as dividers of the days in a year, so:

  • 365 – Every day

  • 52 – Every week

  • 26 – Every 2 weeks

  • 12 – Every month

  • 4 – Every 3 months

  • 2 – Every 6 months

  • 1 – Every year

Can I refund payments?

In the PayGate Subscriptions interface the options are:

Yes, you can refund payments, but only if you have set your MobilePay account to perform daily transfers to your bank account. If your MobilePay account is set to instant transfers, then the refund feature cannot be used.

In order to switch from daily to instant transfers (or vice-versa), you need to login to your MobilePay admin account at admin.mobilepay.dk and change the settings for your Subscriptions product.

How can the merchant authorize PayGate as the integrator for MobilePay?

For details on the process please refer to our Onboarding guide.

Can both the merchant and the donor change their subscription’s details (frequency, amount, etc.) afterward?

No, the donor can only cancel the subscription. Other changes, like increasing the amount or changing the frequency, need to be made by the merchant.

The merchant has monthly donations through SMS now. Can this data be brought to PayGate portal?

It cannot. But the merchant can inform the donors about MobilePay, which they can switch to using instead.

Is it possible to add tick boxes and other fields in the iFrame?

Yes, all kinds of custom fields, as well as tick boxes, are possible to be added, and the donor’s answer will show in the PayGate portal.

What kind of outbound SMSs have to be used?

Only the text message that is sent when the agreement is created. However, it can be counted as more than one SMS depending on its length as 1 SMS = 160 characters max).

Do I have to use my CRM tool next to PayGate?

PayGate may serve you as a light CRM and if it’s sufficient you don’t need any extra solution. However, we can integrate your CRM with PayGate so you can have everything in one platform.