Adding contacts to groups

How to add new contacts to groups in NGO SMS

In order to add contacts to your group, simply press on the desired group. You will be taken to the page where all the contacts are shown.

To add a new contact, fill in first name, last name, and phone number into the boxes marked below and press the “Add” button. Then you will see your contact added to the list.

Another way to add contacts if you have a big volume is to use the “Import” button which you will find in the upper right corner. This will show you a place where you can insert your file.

We have prepared a sample CSV file so you can import the files in the correct way. Once your file is ready, use “Upload a file” or drag a file from your computer. The allowed file types are CSV or XLS. To finalize the import, press the “Upload” button in the down left corner. Your import is now visible in the contacts list.