Creating a collection

How to create a collection in MyShop Collect

To create a collection, mark boxes next to chosen people in the section ‘’Persons’’ and press ‘’New Collection on Selected’’. See the screenshot below.

After that, you will be redirected to section ‘’Collections’’ and asked to fill in the following information: collection name, amount, due date and message text.

After a collection is created you cannot delete it or change its due date.

Collections are also only one-time payment requests – they do not automatically reoccur through time.

In your message text you can also include some dynamic values that will be different depending on the collection or person.

NB!: You should always include the %link% dynamic value, since this will be the link that the person needs to click in order to perform the payment.

After pressing send, the platform will send an SMS (with your custom message) containing a MyShop payment link to the people.

The SMS contents will be similar to: “Click here to pay for [Collection name]: LINK.”.