Admin's journey

Steps for admin's journey in MyShop Collect

For list with payments:

  1. Admin user logs into MyShop Collect platform with his credentials

  2. Admin user creates one or more people with:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Phone

  3. Admin user then selects one or more people and starts creating a collection on them with:

    1. Collection name

    2. Amount

    3. Due date

    4. Custom SMS text

  4. Admin user submits the new collection and SMS is sent to all people.

  5. Admin user opens the Collections list and can see which collections (i.e. on individual people) have been paid or not.

    1. Reconciliation (i.e. marking as paid) is done automatically by the platform by fetching list of executed payments through the MobilePay API

  6. Admin can then also mark some collections as paid manually

  7. Admin can then also send SMS reminders to the people that have overdue collections

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