MyShop Collect Onboarding Guide

Signing up

  1. Go to

  2. Fill in email and password and click Sign Up

  3. You will not get an email with a link to verify your email address

  4. After your email is verified, you can login with your email and password at

Authorizing MobilePay

  1. On your first login, you will see a button to authorize your MobilePay account

  2. Click it and when redirected to MobilePay Admin, login with your MobilePay account

  3. Confirm the authorization and you will be redirected back to MyShop Collect

  4. On the page you see, you now have to:

    1. Choose your MyShop payment point

    2. Enter your MyShop number

  5. After you proceed, you are ready to start using the application.

Creating collections

The application makes it possible to create collections on persons in several ways:

  • Create a person and create a collection only on him

  • Create many persons, select more than one and create the same collection on all of them

  • Create a collection landing page and get a URL which you can then send to your payers in any way you decide

When you create a collection on a person, he will receive an SMS (which you can customize when creating the collection). In every SMS, make sure you include the variable %link%, which will insert the payment link that the person should click in order to perform the payment in his MobilePay app on his phone.

Collection landing page

Each collection landing page you create will receive its own URL which you can then share with your payers.

The landing page will also have a QR code, which you can print and then payers can scan it so that they end up on the specific landing page.


The application will automatically monitor your MyShop transactions and when a transaction is found for a collection created by the application, the collection will be transitioned to the Paid status.

In cases where you have created a collection, but a payer has paid to you in another way, you can also mark the corresponding collection as “Paid (manually)”.


For all collections that are Pending or Overdue, you can also choose to send reminders on SMS.