How to use dashboard?

Plan your entire editorial calendar

The intuitive dashboard in Dyce works as a cross-functional calendar for every project, whether it be global or local. It gives you a quick and easy overview of all your planned content across campaigns and platforms. You can without difficulty sort the dashboard by client, campaign, countries and platforms, which makes Dyce an organizational miracle! Get a complete overview of your entire marketing matrix, so every planned content across campaigns hits the right spot at the right time. Whether it be on Facebook, Linkedin, email, blog, TV, print, radio etc. No matter the campaign, Dyce will organize it for you!

You have everything in one single place.

Effortlessly coordinate & execute campaigns

In the Dyce dashboard, you can easily coordinate campaigns and pieces of content. Simply choose the date and platform(s) relevant to the campaign. Add images or video and the copy, and you are ready to hit the schedule button. Once this is done, the campaign and its content will immediately be visible to everyone you work with. It does not get any easier than that! In the dashboard, you can always hover over a piece of content, which gives you a quick overview of the details included. Also, the dashboard lets you know how far in the process each piece of content is: in draft, awaiting approval and approved.

Scheduling & rescheduling have never been easier

With the drag and drop functionality in Dyce, you can easily make quick changes to your campaigns. No more calling or emailing back and forth between various parties, simply drag and drop your content to a new date in the dashboard. Anything associated with your campaign will automatically be moved to its new date. Nothing will be lost; we promise!

Customize the dashboard to your needs

You can easily customize the dashboard and tailor the settings, so it fits to your needs. Use colors labels and tags to easier differentiate campaigns. Add your own logo to each platform you wish to include in the dashboard. You can even make your own rule concerning prioritization of each content on your calendar.