How to create posts and comments

How to create a post

Creating a post in DYCE is very simple. Start by adding a new post under one of your platforms. Add copy and visuals relating to the campaign you want to push. Next, you choose the date of which the content should go live. If you are scheduling a sponsored post, you can also choose an end date. As an extra dimension, you can add the ad spend to any sponsored content, which makes it very easy to keep track of your sponsored content.

How to comment

With the post function in DYCE, it becomes super easy to coordinate campaigns among various teams. No more emailing back and forth several documents or excel files. The post is immediately visible in the dashboard. The best thing? You can add an unlimited amount of posts to your dashboard! Once you have created a post and added copy and visuals, it will become visible to the rest of the team. When you are satisfied with your work, you can notify specific team members in order for them to approve or apply feedback directly on the post.

Any team member with an editor or admin access can comment on a post, reschedule it, write in media spend or even change post copy and visuals. These changes appear right away so everyone will see the latest changes and comments.

Keep track of changes

Any changes made to a piece of content are tracked in a revision log, so you can always go back and never lose track of who changed what.

With everyone working alongside each other, you keep your colleagues close and your partners closer – dangerously close, in the eyes of your competitors. Together, you can really kick ass.